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Aveline Kyffin’s work explores themes of personal and cultural identity and belonging, from a personal perspective, using pattern, mark and repetition to build up layers and depth into her work. Her paintings and objects are covered in texture and mark which, on closer inspection, reveal the African and European influences inherent in her mark making.

Her work incorporates the motifs of tribal identities, fetishes, scarification, textiles and landscapes from two continents, bringing them together to create paintings, prints, textiles and sculptures saturated in layers of texture, mark and pattern. Drawing heavily from; the influences of her African and European heritage and the cultures that surrounded her in childhood her work is flooded with colour, texture, hidden layers and patterns, that draw from her cultural dualism, and articulates a sense of cultural displacement and personal vulnerability.

French/South African, b. 1972, South Africa, based in Llandudo, Wales, United Kingdom

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